The goal of any good transition is to create opportunity, whether it’s the sale of business to another business, a transfer to a family member, or an incentive plan for employee ownership. There is always the challenge of separating emotions from facts, and focusing on the information and issues that matter most.

This is why business valuation is so critical—it provides the foundation that allows other challenges and issues to be resolved. Accurate and impartial valuation helps avoid conflicts, lets you consider the impact of taxes, and determine the right succession or transition strategies—without sacrificing the true worth of the organization.

We have counseled numerous businesses—large and small—during mergers and successions. We understand that the dynamics of these events go beyond the numbers, and that human factors must be part of the equation.

Our role in many cases is to provide the impartiality that helps other parties make the decisions that have to be made for success. We can guide you through the process from beginning to end, addressing real property, intellectual property, state and federal laws, and market factors.