Much of our business is based on providing valuation for closely-held businesses for estate and tax planning purposes. Fair market value (FMV) is the price that property would sell for on the open market. It is the price that would be agreed on between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with neither being required to act, and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.

There may be a need to determine value for many reasons, such as for the sale of a business, its transfer, for gifts to family or donor advised funds, or other purposes.

The challenge of this can be immense, especially in a world of constantly changing tax laws and regulations at Federal, state, and local levels. International laws add to the complexity in a constantly changing and global marketplace. We conduct thorough analyses and develop strategies that allow you to use tax law advantages while maintaining confidence that you can stand up to challenges or audit scrutiny.

We have created numerous valuation models that include closed form solutions including Black-Scholes, Black-Derman-Toy Models and Monte Carlo simulation for path dependent instruments such as separable warrants or other share based compensation. These common valuation reporting approaches help ensure accuracy, plus allow wide acceptance of our reporting.